Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Medical Packet

My med pack is on its way! It was mailed out yesterday, and should arrive by tomorrow. I am so excited, and I'm wondering how that's going to affect the time in between now and my invitation. I still need to finish up my gymnastics career, my last quarter of undergrad, and my trip to China! :)) This quarter I'm taking 2 super advanced French courses and I'm TA-ing an ESL class in accent reduction. I love it because they all gawk at "how beautiful" my English is hahaha. It's nice to know I can at least speak my native language well. I love my students though. I enjoy being both a language learner and teacher because it just gives me such a great perspective of both sides. Well, I'm gonna try and finish up those appointments asap. I'll update once they're done. Crossing the fingers for no problems!

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