Saturday, June 30, 2012

Road trip from OH to CA with some PC news in AZ

So I finally finished the drive from Ohio to Cali, and it was ridiculously fun. We stopped in Oklahoma, Colorado, and Arizona. We stopped to take pictures at the St. Louis arch, go river rafting (for free!) with my friend Niki in Durango, Colorado, see the Meteor Crater and Grand Canyon in Arizona, stand in the 4 corners of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona, play in Las Vegas, chill on the beach in SoCal, and then watch Olympic Trials in San Jose! When I was in Arizona I woke up to a nice email letting me know that I got dental clearance! Yayy! It happened a lot earlier than I expected, and I'm so happy to know they're at least looking at my application. I got a little nervous when I looked a little further down and saw a big red hold on my medical clearance though. However, it said that all applicants have a hold at first because they still need time to review that part of the application --so fingers crossed--.

I'm definitely starting to get RAS (restless applicant syndrome) now and I'm also starting to have PC dreams of being sent to all sorts of places. It's weird that I'm back in Cali now and that I'm done with college and gym..and it's forsure weird to say "I have a degree in.." instead of "I'm majoring in.." I had to update my address back to Cali for PC too which made me a little sentimental for some reason. Anyway, here's to hoping for that invite soon and a journey that's gonna help me grow into a better and more experienced person!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Graduation and Med Packet in

So finally my blog has appeared on the website! I don't think a single person has looked at it so far, so it's nice to see it up there, hah!

Well, a lot has happened since the last time I posted. I graduated with honors..booyah! I retired from gymnastics..sad! I also decided that I will drive back to Cali from Ohio in 2 weeks (weird)!!! I'm going back earlier than anticipated to watch Olympic Trials because I have 4 friends competing, and I can't wait to see all their progress out there on the gym floor.

Anyway in PC-related news..I'm legally cleared, and all of my medical stuff is in, but not being reviewed yet. The whole med process cost me about $30..which I got reimbursed for really quickly. I gotta say Ohio State Student Health Insurance is pretty baller. I got an email from the Education Office saying that in the next coming months I will be hearing from Placement, and that I need to be ready to respond quickly to any requests from the OMS. I really hope there are not many, but after reading everyone's blogs, I'm guessing I'll be submitting and resubmitting a lot of papers.

Unfortunately, I haven't found any other blogs of people with the same nomination as me yet. PC says that I should wait until 4 months before my departure date to start hearing from placement, but I'm hoping they hit me up a little sooner. I have a lot of things going on to take up my time before then, but it would be awesome to know!

Hopefully I'll have exciting news to share with you soon!