Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Medical Clearance With a Bit of a Twist!

I decided to call the OMS to see if there was anything else I needed to turn in before Asia, and they pretty much told me to email the Pre-service unit in order to figure things out. I was trying to email them when I accidentally pressed send after only writing "Dear Pre-Service Unit" ...ugh embarrassing. Anyway, that email alone triggered an automatic response saying that the PSU would not be responding to emails until after August 15th. At this point I pretty much gave up on hearing from them for the next month because I'll be in Asia as of TOMORROW! :) But then.. I got a PC letter in the mail. I've been provisionally medically qualified. The reason my medical qualification is provisional is because I have slight reactive airway disease (aka baby-sized asthma) and an allergic reaction to bleu cheese. In my letter I was told that they are now looking for places that will be able to support my health issues. I'm really hoping that my original nomination holds, but it's PC so I know things can change very easily. I just don't understand why they can't send me there with an epi pen and an inhaler from the states and call it a go. Oh well, excited to jump into the placement stage and to go to Asia tomorrow! Also, provisional clearance is better than no clearance so at least I'm still in it!

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