Thursday, August 30, 2012

PC Update in China

So the day that PC Updates returned, I got one from a Placement Officer asking me for my final transcript, answers to an education questionnaire, an updated resume, and my current availability dates. Unfortunately the Chinese government bands all sorts of websites so getting onto my school website, PC Journals, using google, and facebook were all out of the question. Luckily I anticipated having to turn in an updated resume so I saved on to my email prior to traveling. I sent the Placement officer my resume, answers to the questions *which were along the lines of How can Education help 3rd World countries and how would you deal with corporal punishment in schools? etc.* and my availability dates, but I still cant get a hold of my final transcript..urghh! I have one more week in Asia (Im in Japan now) and then I can get back to the States where I can figure all that out. As always, fingers crossed for an invite!