Friday, September 14, 2012

Albania March 2013!!!

I had my final interview today at 10am. My placement specialist asked me a couple questions about religion and race, and then proceeded to tell me about the next steps in the process after my INVITATION. Now that the process has changed, they are electronically sending the invitations the same day that you get invited (no more waiting!). I am SO SO excited to go to Albania! Our staging is March 18th. I have 7 days to accept the invitation, and while I need to read through the mountain of info they gave me first.. I am 99.9% be sure that I am accepting that invitation! This process took me exactly 1 year and 5 days from start to Invite.

I'm so happy :))


  1. WHAT?! I'm going to go insane from hearing other people's news! (I'm not even medically cleared.) Congrats! Also, I had no idea they were sending invites via email now. I thought I saw something from one person saying they received an invite that way. I'm glad. :) A little less RAs, right? Again CONGRATS! It's gotta be way exciting/relieving to finally now something a little more definite. CELEBRATE!

  2. Whoa -- I didn't even see this! Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS!!! :D