Thursday, September 13, 2012

Phone call from the 202

Today I received a phone call from my placement specialist, and unfortunately I happened to be driving on the freeway at the time so I couldn't talk on the phone. The first time she called I just sadly stared at my phone wishing I could pick it up and then the 2nd time I picked it up and told her I could talk in 15 minutes. She wasn't sure if she would still be in the office in 15 minutes so she set up a time for us to talk at 10am (Cali time) tomorrow morning! Could this be it..the final interview? And if there a possibility I could finallllly receive an invitation sometime next week? I have so many mixed emotions because I get really excited when I think about it, but I don't want to get my hopes up if it's just something small..or worse.. a rejection from the PC after a year's worth of application process. My RAS has been pretty out of control lately, and I am on PC Journals and PC wiki more than once..daily. I've been constantly looking at the staging dates, and there is one listed for Morocco in January so I think that was what my original nomination was for. However, there is also one for Albania in March so maybe that is where I will be sent. There's really no point in speculating any of these things because PC is so unpredictable, and I know I will be happy as long as I get to go somewhere. *Sighh.. anyway here are the 3 main things that I feel contribute the most to RAS:

1) People constantly asking when, where, and what you'll be doing in the Peace Corps..when you don't even know if you're going to serve. However, you still tell them you are going to the Peace Corps because that is what you're planning on/hoping so desperately for.
2) Reading about other PCV's invitations and thinking " seems like they have way more going for them than I do. No wonder they got an invitation."
3) Not really being able to commit to a job that will lead into a career..finding things to take your mind off of all PC related thing.

Patience, patience, patience... just got to stay positive and preoccupied.

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