Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1st Day in Albania!!!

Hey there! I am writing this blog in a very VERY tired state. It is only 7:44pm here, but the jet lag is pretty darn intense. I slept really well on the plane..which made some volunteers a little jealous (hah),  but I am still inevitably jet-lagged as ever. There are 34 of us volunteers here in Elbasan, Albania now, and I am so excited and happy to be here with them. After getting off the plane, we took a 3 hour bus ride from Tirana to Elbasan. The views were incredible. There were big mountains covered with snow, grassy fields, the ocean, and a lot of cool little stone houses, chicken, cows, and goats. We arrived at a hotel in Elbasan, where we continued to get a tour of the city (got to walk in a real castle!) from a local, and another PCV who is stationed in Elbasan. Following the tour we ate a meal of pickled vegetables, some type of porridge, and chicken in lemon sauce. During this meal we got to hear from the mayor of Elbasan and the PC staff. We also received our in country cell phones. Our schedules are already super full and we get to meet lur host families on Saturday! My host parents are teachers who live near the Librazhd city center. I'm sorry if this entry is vague and non-descriptive, but I'm exhausted. Time for bed. Also, for some reason I'm 1 of only 2 volunteers that can get online so far's pretty cool I got to post this. Naten e mire!

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  1. I'm so bummed I didn't get to see you before you left left :) I mean i got to see you at Stephs :) but anyhow, I'm so happy you made it to Albania safely and what a journey you are beginning!! I look forward to reading more and more of your post through the next couple years. It seems weird that I only met you what??... a month or two ago, but I'm glad our paths crosses, and it was so nice to meet a genuine, big hearted, and fun person!! I guess it was LOVE at first make-up application LOL Let me know if you need us to send you anything :) Kenny and I are painting our office (his old room) so that's the excitement for us, for now hahah keep posting and documenting what you see, hear, touch, think, large and breathe everything in.. can't wait to hear more! xo justine