Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pre-Staging for the West Coasters

Today I arrived in Philly for Staging. However, Staging is actually tomorrow. Everyone west of Denver got to arrive today, and it was incredibly awesome to start meeting other volunteers. I got off the plane and had a couple hours to kill before another volunteer, Kathryn, arrived so I decided to sit down and not do anything because...I brought WAY too much luggage. However, while sitting (and thuse glancing at my phone) I saw that another PCV was at the airport and so we met up. Eventually there were 5 of us girls, all with too much luggage, figuring out how we were going to get to the hotel and spending the rest of our day together. We all hopped in a shuttle, got to the hotel, and decided to go out for Cheesesteaks and beer. Later on the 5 of us met up with more volunteers, and I really just enjoyed my time getting to talk to everyone. I'm so excited to meet everyone else tomorrow, and I can't wait to get to Albania! Everything is starting to feel more real now, and I am very happy about my decision to serve as a PCV! :))

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