Thursday, April 25, 2013

For my Teammies back home

For my teammies:

Hey ladies! This post is for you. I feel so far removed from the US..and especially OH, but I felt it didn't feel right to not acknowledge the great season you had. I just wanted to say congrats to the seniors..aka my roomies... For many reason. Sarah G, Ritty, Coll, and Aly, I am so proud of your gymnastics careers! No matter when they ended, you guys were dynamite on the competition floor. You all were there to give me support at the end of mine, and I feel so honored to have been on the same team as you. Milly and Tot, congrats on Nationals. What a wonderful accomplishment. To my girls who are about to be will forever and always be my little freshlings, and I can't tell you how much I love and miss you guys! Congrats on finishing the season, Bucks! I hope you're pumped for next year. And PS...I love you, Grady.

I just read through my senior gift binder and all of the letters you wrote me, and I wear my necklace every day here in Albania. The letters really bring a smile to my face, and keep me feeling somewhat connected to home. There is so ethi g about being on a team that really hits home, and you guys will forever be my teammates. 

Life after gymnastics is an adventure. You find out a lot about yourself, and learn to file gymnastics away in your past. It's always a part of you and you can refer back to it, but there is more out there to do and explore. 

I just want to remind you guys that if you ever need to talk, I am just an email/facebook message away. Enjoy post season, sunny days on the oval, and all the varieties of food and real toilets that exist in the US. 

Go Bucks, go nuts! Love,

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