Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Albanian Coffee Cup Fortune

Today I met a villager from Fushe Milot (Field Milot) which is a little village right outside of Milot. His profession is painting, and I have never met or seen him before. After exchanging greetings, he asked me if I would let him read my fortune. In Albania, because we drink Turkish coffee here, there is always residue left in the cup, and from your residue, Albanians believe you can read fortunes. Corny, I know. However, I was in the mood today for some mystical fortune action. I mean...pse jo? (Why not?)

After I finished my coffee, swirling and smudging took place, and then it was time for me to hear about my future.Here is what Zhela said:

I have a beautiful future. Someone in my home is very sick and it seems there is nothing they can do to get better, but they will. I will not be happy with my next job because I will be too busy thinking of somebody else. I am accepting of every type of people, and in my future that will lead me to happiness. I am meant to take a long journey in order to figure myself out. Someone in my extended family will prove not to be such a great person, but they will not cause me any problems. I will have a wonderful meal with my family sometime in Albania in my house. I will eventually light a candle for someone and it will have a very special meaning. I will affect many people positively in my lifetime.

It was an interesting fortune reading. I was really expecting him to tell me I would get married to a fine Albanian man and have 9 children, but his fortune for me involved travel and acceptance of other cultures. Because I don't believe in fortune reading, I was really impressed with his ability to come up with these predictions. In a way, I felt it showed growth for Albania--movement in the right direction.

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