Monday, July 9, 2012

Oh..this process...

After receiving dental clearance I got super psyched waiting to hear about my medical clearance..well it didn't come..yet. I changed my address back to my Cali address right after receiving dental clearance, but unfortunately PC papers got sent back to my apartment in Columbus. My roommate called me today to tell me 2 envelopes had come from the Peace Corps. Of course this made me super nervous/excited and I asked her to open them and tell me what they said. She texted me that one was about dental coverage for a year, and the other said my medical information was...incomplete. :(. She said she had left the house already, but tomorrow she could call me and tell me more details. I have RAS soooo badly right now. I just really want to know what is missing from my med packet so that I can submit it and start talking to placement. I'm also still nervous that something may be wrong. To make matters slightly more stressful, the toolkit will be shutting down come July 26, and I really want to have everything complete by then. I feel like I'm so close to  that invitation, but I'm still worried that something may be wrong. Oh, this process.. it is for sure a patience tester!


  1. It is I totally agree with you . This process is a patience tester. I just recieved medical clearance last week and now my file has moved to a placement officer. But I really hope they make a decision before July 26th.
    We'll make it!!!

  2. Ugh, RAS is totally bumming me out now, and I only just got notice that OMS received my medical packet. Le sigh. I really hope I get cleared before all this changeover madness happens!