Friday, July 27, 2012

Toolkit update without a toolkit!

Ok, Tuesday night I faxed everything in and received an email the very next morning confirming that they received my fax. On Thursday morning I got a Toolkit Status Update email telling me that my medical portion was once again under review. Yesterday was also the last day that the Toolkit was up and running so I thought it was kind of cool that they slipped an update in there for me the day the toolkit closed down. However, this morning I woke up to another update. I was so excited and confused so I clicked on the link as fast as I could just to find a note that read.."

Check Your Application Status

Our application process is changing to a more streamlined, secure, and electronic-based system.  As part of that change, MyToolkit is no longer active.
Applicants will be receiving information about next steps sometime after July 26th"

Of course..I get a status update without a status. I'm thinking it was either a mistake or (fingers crossed) medical clearance?! Haha, well..I have 5 more days until I leave for Asia. I hope I get an email or a letter explaining the update soon!

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